Advanced Export

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Advanced Export & Import (1.7) allows you to export almost all entity from PrestaShop and now for version 1.7 it has new import features.You can use it for automatic catalog update, price updates or migrate your date from PrestaShop to PrestaShop or integrate with CRM or ERP system.Module is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge.Module support CSV, XSLT, XLSX, ODS file formats and scheduled import and export cron jobs. Extension can export products, orders, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, newsletters, customers, addresses.Can export to server local file, FTP/SFTP or email.Module can import products, combinations, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, customers, addresses, aliases.Can import from url, FTP/SFTP, local file or export model

  1. Product
  2. Order
  3. Category   
  4. Manufacturer  
  5. Supplier
  6. Newsletter subscribers (default newsletter module)
  7. Customer
  8. Address
  1. Easy entity field's selection.
  2. Can export CSV, XSLT, XLSX, ODS file formats.
  3. Can export with or without field label.
  4. Can create custom label name.
  5. Can create static fields.
  6. Can export to server, FTP/SFTP or emial.
  7. Can change generate filename.
  8. Strip tags option (remove all html tags from description etc)
  9. Can export only new added items.
  10. Can change delimiter and separator option.
  11. Filter create date option.
  12. Filter by categories/ suppliers/manufacturers for products
  13. Filter by customers groups/ payments/ status for orders.
  14. Filter by customers groups customers.
  15. Scheduled export cron jobs..
  16. You can save your settings for later use.
  17. Process status bar.

  • Category
  • Product
  • Combination
  • Customer
  • Address
  • Brand  
  • Supplier
  • Alias
  • Store contact

  • Module support CSV, XSLT, XLSX, ODS file formats.
  • Can import from url, FTP/SFTP, local file or export model
  • Change delimiter and separator option.
  • Scheduled import cron jobs.
  • Send notification email.
  • Delete all entries before import option.
  • Use product reference as key option.
  • Force all ID numbers option
  • History of used files.
  • Import log info.